Copenhagen with it´s mixture of historic castles, colourful town houses, modern architecture and vibrant city life boasts endless photo opportunities

Copenhagen famous city landmarks tour

Join us for an inspirational 3-hour walk through the marvels of Copenhagen where we will stop at the most important and picturesque landmarks of the city. Our trained professional photography guide will ensure that you bring home the pictures you came for. Our guide will help you with composition and exposure and show you the best ways and angles to  photograph the famous landmarks. 


Duration– 3 hours

Meeting point – The Royal Theather

Price – from €295

copenhagen hidden gems-christianshavn

Copenhagen has so many things to offer for a photographer and besides the most famous sites of the city, this inspirational 3-hour walk through the hidden marvels of Christianshavn with all its canals, old houses and functioning houseboats will offer you a more exclusive and not so often seen view of what Copenhagen also has to offer.


Duration– 3 hours

Meeting point – Christianshavns Torv

Price – from €295

copenhagen city of lights tour

Just before the sun sets and between the blue hour and the actual night, the city dramatically changes character.

The light from the city comes on and creates a mellow and truly inspirational mood for a completely different type of photography.



Duration– 3 hours

Meeting point – The Memorial Anchor – Nyhavn

Price – from €295


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